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We represent the responsible voice for the blockchain industry.

Our role is to facilitate a concerted effort in defining and addressing the core issues the blockchain industry faces. 


To bring together major publishers and content creators around the world to share the common objective of shedding light on the dire issues within the blockchain industry.


To actively promote and advocate the development and application of the blockchain technology across industries, alongside raising awareness and understanding of this novel technology and the implications therein to the public.


To strategically spearhead the work of innovating the digital media using the blockchain technology to usher in a new age of digital media where publishers can become financially viable without compromising journalistic integrity.

Let's make it our business to bring transparency to the blockchain industry. 

Through active forums and networking, curation of professional commentary from traditional media practitioners, academics and tech savvy opinion leaders within the crypto space, we plan to to identify and fix the problems within the industry.