About us

Blockchain Media Alliance is headed by a dedicated team of individuals in both the media and innovative enterprises centered around the blockchain technology with multiple years of proven professional experience and reputation. Based in Seoul, the home to world's most innovative technologies, Blockchain Media Alliance is set to quickly expand into a global coalition of blockchain media. Decentralized and without borders, we are ready to bring the much needed transparency to the blockchain industry and setting the standard for the future of digital media.       


Chairman & President 
William Jang 
William served as a reporter, news anchor and program host at major mainstream broadcast networks and radio stations in Seoul for over 20 years. Over the years he has built a formidable reputation as a key opinion leader and an active global intermediary in various fields centrally including the politics and economy. He hopes to help promote to the global community the great value that blockchain technology has to offer to the public.  His vision is one with that of the Alliance.  By working hand in hand with media enterprises, influencers and other participants that are integral to the advancement of the entire industry, he hopes to bring transparency and healthy order to the booming industry in transition. 
Executive Vice President 
Sonny Kwon 
Sonny is a serial entrepreneur focused on digital media and distributed ledger technology.  Prior to co-founding the Alliance, he founded two digital-native news websites including EconoTimes and TokenPost, the latter being the most reputable media operation within Korea's crypto space. In 2013, he founded FxWirePro, a foreign exchange intelligence company that provides real-time newswires service to world-renowned financial institutions such as Fidelity and Charles Schwab.  As a former Commodity Trading Advisor and the business development head at the Newsweek Group in New York, he has a wealth of professional experience and expertise in the field of both finance and digital media. Sonny envisions a new paradigm for the blockchain media and the media industry where publishers can have financial viability, editorial autonomy, all the while maintaining their journalistic integrity.
Executive Vice President 
Chris Sung 
Chris studied communications and education at UC Berkeley and Columbia University before embarking on an entrepreneurial career in Seoul. Prior to co-founding the Alliance, as the Chief Strategy Officer at TokenPost, his most recent focus has been on renovating the conventional digital media business model through the use of blockchain.  In the summer of 2018, Chris drafted and published the whitepaper for PUBLISHprotocol, a blockchain-based digital media project that offers a technology-backed solution for a sustainable incentive-driven reader engagement, a systematic suppression of fake news, and securitization of digital contents via tokenization. Chris envisions advancing together not merely as publishers that represent the industry but as forerunners in redefining and shaping the future of journalism by adopting the technology that we all believe in. 


Kane Ha 
Lucas Lee