Meet our key industry partners.

Awarded 'Best Digital Media Start-up' at the Asian Digital Media Awards 2019, PUBLISH is an EOS blockchain-based digital solutions provider for media businesses. Its mission is to secure the editorial and financial independence of digital media businesses while restoring transparency and journalistic integrity throughout the media industry through a blockchain-based gamification strategy. Initiatives include a blockchain media protocol and platform, a consortium of media enterprises and technology providers tasked with the objective of developing the PUBLISH ecosystem, a blockchain-based content management system facilitating the launch of PUBLISH protocol-based tokens, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a cryptocurrency exchange.

Becoming the responsible voice in the blockchain industry while spearheading the future of digital media demands dedication and expertise.  To that end, essential industry leaders will be selectively invited to join us in building and executing the Alliance's roadmap.

As one of the most experienced and highly reputed organizer of blockchain and cryptocurrency related conferences and meetups in Seoul, Purple Swan is quickly expanding into comprehensive content planning solution company specializing in both blockchain-embedded application development consulting and organization of high-quality events that focus on promoting and proliferating the convergence of cutting-edge technology and human value.
Adel Company is an integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency that exists
to help small to medium-sized businesses develop a strong brand identity, grow in the targeted industry, and expand beyond for the maximum benefit of the company.  Founded with the purpose of helping enterprises find and develop a strong brand identity that leads to powerful outcomes, Adel Company has been primarily focused on providing its service to a multiple blockchain projects, both in-bound and out-bound, integrating market-specific promotional tools that work best in harmony for each company over the years.